Hayrick Butte

February 27, 1983

About half of our group of eight accepted the invitation to come snowshoe around Hayrick Butte as first-time snowshoers. About 15 minutes was needed to “buckle up” with the leader taking the longest time attaching snowshoes borrowed from former president (and snowshoer) Parker Riddle with unusable bindings that worked well as ankle straps. Those who rented their light, functional normal-shaped snowshoes from Bergs had greater success on the entire trip. We had sunny, HOT, shirtsleeve weather as we clomped up and over the saddle between Hayrick and Hoodoo. In comparison to the uphill pace, all made a scorching downhill descent and crossed the more level terrain through the old burn area to our lunch stop at Big Lake. We strained to see snowcapped Mt. Washington through the overcast now punctuated by windblown snow to the east across Big Lake. No Mt. Washington view (or Diamond Peak either, D.S.) We headed back down the homestretch toward the Ray Benson Snowmobile Parking lot with the driven snow hitting us full frontal. The thought of hot coffee at Hoodoo Ski Lodge kept us “moving on”. Tired snowshoers were Rick Ahrens, Cara McKenzie, Lois Schreiner, Ted Stern, Dan Sellard, Jim Sellers, Tom Woxell and leader Joe Lowry.

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