Potato Hill

February 20, 1983

Sunday we left Eugene in a downpour. All passengers were instructed to think snow on the trip up the pass. It was still pouring rain as we approached our destination, but, just as we rounded the final curve approaching the trailhead the rain miraculously turned to snow.

We made it to the summit and geared up for testing our downhill skills at the “Potato Bowl”. The question was asked, where did Potato Hill get its name? The only response from the group was that it should be renamed “Mashed Potato Hill” . . . I guess you had to be there. But our intrepid group made the most of it and had a good time despite the wet ness. Soggy skiers were Gladys Grancorvitz, Romella Hubbard, Herb Lee, Gerry Tomseth, Susan Watkins, Tom Woxell and leader Kathi Stroh.

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