Hoodoo to Suttle Lake

February 12, 1983

The weather forecast was less than optimum so you can imagine my surprise when 15 people showed up for this nine mile ski trip. We began skiing at the Ray Benson parking area near Hoodoo. Wet snow was falling but as we headed east through the Big Lake burn the snow soon ceased falling and we had a little sunshine. Past the east end of the burn we reached road 138 and headed north about two miles until we came to a sign directing us to Corbett State Park. A series of roads and trails zigzagged downhill to the park and around Blue Lake. The weather turned a bit rainy at lower elevations and the snow was a bit soggy. Our trail ended at the parking area at Blue Lake Lodge where we stopped for soup and coffee. Skiers were Emmy Dale, Tom Donnelly, Bea Fontana, Mary Fulton, Fran Gnose, Jane Hackett, Dot Leland, Joe Lowry, Allison and Debbie McKenzie, Herb McMurtry, Wes Prouty, Chris Shuraleff, Gene Thaxton, and leader Dave Predeek.

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