Paulina-East Lakes

February 6, 1983

Our great ski trip to Central Oregon, which started very early Sunday morning under threatening skies, proved to be successful. The first half of the day we skied via wide trails on good snow, making a spectacular stop at Paulina Falls. The falls were dramatic with huge columns of ice, green in color, framing the crashing water. We coexisted peacefully with snowmobilers on our way to the warming but at Paulina Lake Lodge. Lunch at the lodge was a birthday celebration for Bonnie and Rachel. Bonnie had carried a yummy cake in her pack to share with all of us!

After lunch we detoured via the powerline trail, giving those talented telemark pros (like Glenn and Henrietta) a chance to show us their skills! Our skills ranged from “first time on skis” to very experienced; and there was something for everyone. A long downhill run out was exhilarating for all, and the falling snow added an extra touch. Thanks to the following folks for making it a fun days Doris Allen, Marshall Anderson, Bea Fontana, Margaret Gontrum, Jenny Gnose, Gladys Grancorvitz, Jane Hackett, Bud Kloster, Bonnie Ledford, Rachel Major, Glenn Meares, Rose Marie Moffitt, Dave Predeek, Wes Prouty, Henrietta Richmond, Ellen Snyder, Lisa Wish, Bill Wood and co-leaders Fran Gnose and Gene Thaxton.

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