Windy Point

January 30, 1983

Grey skies in Eugene are poor indicators of the weather in the mountains. So, two carloads of hopeful skiers (and one snowshoer) headed up the McKenzie and over the pass to check out the old McKenzie Highway in its winter dress. We were able to drive to the snow gate, and had good skiing all the way to Windy Point, which belied its name by offering us a pleasant windless lunch stop — including beautiful views of Jeff and Three Fingered Jack. A few of the group stayed at the Point to explore, while others continued on up the McKenzie two miles more. The big reward of the trip, of course, was that wonderful 3-mile unobstructed downhill run back to the cars. A stop at the Log Cabin Inn, and return to Eugene by 7:00. At Windy Point were Bea Fontana, Gladys Grancorvitz, Sally Grosscup, Marcia Cutler, Glenn Meares, Bob Tilchin, Chuck Wolfe, Marshall Pallett and leader Doris Allen.

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