Maiden Lake

January 29, 1983

THE SUNRISE WAS QUITE NICE AS WE DROVE TOWARD WILLAMETTE PASS. We skied in alternating sun and snow flurries on new snow with a solid base throughout the day. We were waiting in line when the lift started operations for the day. Fortunately, getting off the top (as contrasted with the midpoint) is relatively easy, even on X-country skis. We skied to the top of North Rosary Lake following the marked trail. We could not find the marked trail to Maiden Lake on the way in so we relied on compass and altimeter and hit Maiden Lake right on the button in time for a leisurely lunch overlooking the lake from 12:30 to 1:00 p.m. We used survival downhill techniques to go down to the lake after lunch. It was much bigger than we expected. We used the marked trail to ski back to Rosary Lakes in two hours and it took another hour from Rosary Lakes down to Willamette Pass where we enjoyed refreshments at the Lodge before driving safely back to Eugene. XC skiers were Tim Cook, Bob Devine, Mary Fulton, Richard Heinzkill, Bob Lacy, Christine Ligneau, Marriner Orum, Paul Mehnert, Larry Ross, Gene Thaxton, and leader Dick Hildreth.

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