Proxy Falls, Fish Lake

January 29, 1983

It was a lovely day for hiking! Four members and four nonmembers will agree on that. We had intended to snow shoe to Proxy Falls and optimistically carried our snowshoes under our arms as we hiked up the road, down the trail and from Upper to Lower Proxy Falls. A patch of snow here and there reminded us that 2 weeks earlier was the date we should have scheduled the trip. Since we hiked back to the cars and arrived early, it was decided to drive toward Hoodoo to find snow for the neophytes. After another 20 miles, we found adequate snow at Fish Lake to practice crossing the lava across the highway from the lake.

We found plenty of ups, downs, ins and outs to practice on. Everyone had experience going down slopes too steep, up slopes too steep and between lava cracks where snow gave way to pockets of air. And we did it all in the rain! At least one beginner had such a good time he has gone again and is now a full-fledged member!

Snowshoers in the rain were Rick Ahrens, Rosemarie and Tina Atencio, Amy Clugston, Shirley Froyd, George Jobanek, Ted Stern and leader Phyllis Ford.

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