Hayrick Butte

January 23, 1983

Despite predictions of rain and wet snow, 10 ardent snowshoers drove up Santiam Hwy to HooDoo Butte. Accumulated slush made tire chains necessary at Sawyers Ice Cave, but proved to be only a minor inconvenience. Little time was spent adjusting bindings and we were soon headed south between Hayrick and HooDoo; once out upon the “flats”, a course was set for Big Lake. Lunching at one of the areas biggest “skating rinks” we discussed the absence of rain and the vagaries of weather forecasters while basking in the sun. Completing the circle around Hayrick we encountered many well-intentioned, yet noisy and odorous snowmobilers. Arriving at the cars, all agreed that the trip was a success despite man’s motorized abominations. The trip was made complete by the usual visit to Vi’s Pies. Hayrick Butte snowshoers were Don Schrouder, Don Payne, Betty Legris, Avram Farber, Mike Wright, Mary Fulton, John Cecil, Ellen Snydey, Don Philpot, and leader Pete Cecil.

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