Moon Point

January 16, 1983

Sunday morning didn’t seem particularly promising as we left Eugene, but fairly good weather contributed to a very pleasant ski outing. We were a large group of 14 well experienced skiers enjoying a trip to what was for most of the party a new area. Snow on the Buck Creek Road stopped our vehicles about 5 miles from our destination. The grade was gradual, and in spite of mild temperature the snow condition was quite good. The Moon Point area is worthy of its name; there is a dramatic quality about that prow thrusting out over the valley of the Middle Fork. Our lunch spot was a real bonus. In the midst of a three foot snow cover we had the luxury of a dry, grassy spot under a tree overlooking sleeping snow-covered Moon Lake below us. A great group of folks made the trip including Doris Allen, Scott Allen, Emmy Dale, Bob Devine, Dot Leland, Sandra Larsen, Bonnie Ledford, Leona Mattson, Henrietta Richmond, Gene Thaxton, David Roderick, Ellen Snyder, Michelle Tambellini and leader Jerold Williams.

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