Ridgeline Trail—Family Trip

December 28, 1983

The trip was cancelled because no one signed up to go. The weather preceeding the trip was severe—Temperatures down to 14°F and 3"–4" of snow on the ground—so people were probably not able or interested in going all the way to the YMCA to sign up.

I did “walk” this trail for the first time just before the worst weather hit and this is what I found: A delightful, short hike that is close to home. It has views of southeast Eugene, Mt. Baldy, the Cascades and Spencer Butte. The ground was frozen and it looked as though the trail can be quite muddy in places. Hiking from east to west (from Dillard Road to Willamette and 52nd), the trail from Dillard Road to Fox Hollow Road (.8 miles) is fairly flat and descends gently (except for the last part) to Fox Hollow. From Fox Hollow Road to Willamette and 52nd (1.8 miles) the trail is more rigorous with switch backs and stairs in places. One branch of the Ridgeline Trail joins the trail that goes up the east side of Spencer Butte to the summit. (A slightly different way to climb the Butte!) It took about an hour and a half to walk the length of the trail. If you want a map of the trail, they are available through Eugene Parks and Recreation Department.

Mary Ellen de la Pena

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