McKenzie River Trail

December 4, 1983

Our group started hiking on the McKenzie River Trail at Paradise and went five miles to beyond Bucks Bridge. We then returned via the same trail to Paradise. The original plan was to hike to Deer Creek Bridge and use a car shuttle making the hike much shorter—almost twice the hike for the price of one trip fee!

Snow on the ground the entire length of the trail made the country a winter wonderland. In the winter the river is very visable and was rushing by with powerful force.

After a pleasant lunch we were greeted by a heavy rainstorm that had been predicted for the day, so we weren’t caught by surprise. However, it felt good to reach the car and get out of the elements! Our soggy bodies were warmed by a coffee stop on the way home. The day on the trail was shared by Evelyn Blackwell, Cayhy Boucher, Gladys Grancorvitz, Bud Kloster and leader Fran Gnose.

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