Tire Mtn

December 3, 1983

Three Obsidians and five guests made the trek to Tire Mountain, Saturday, December 3, 1983. It was lovely. The trees were magnificent! They stood tall and straight through the fog which made them seem even more majestic. PLEASE! HELP! SAVE THEM FROM CUTTING. The trail winds back and forth up the hill through an area marked for logging. More is the pity because it would devastate the scenic trail. The trail is in reasonable condition and was easy to walk. There was snow on the half mile up the mountain but it was little problem to those of us in boots. Ben Ross in running shoes walked in our tracks near the top. Lunch was under the tree once housing a treehouse lookout. The air was cool and crisp and the fog rolling in downright cold so our lunch stop was brief. The fog held off for a view of the surrounding mountains before our departure. Access to Tire Mountain was from Lowell and the Northshore Road. Walking were Maxine Hall, Andrea Feight, Kerry Williams, Chris Fatterborg, Bradley Helms, Ben Ross and leaders Mary Ellen West and Vi Johnson.

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