Mt Pisgah & Buford Park

November 5, 1983

Our group of 9 hikers, 6 of whom were non-Obsidians, started up Mt. Pisgah with a threatening sky above us. As a warm-up jaunt we went through Buford Park. We picked up copies of the Arboretum Self-Guiding Nature Trail and learned some good ecology from its ten marked observation posts with matching commentary. The park has made some very fine improvements and should be enjoyed by family groups especially. There is also a matching self-guiding pamphlet for children which is a good family idea.

After this warm-up we headed for the top. This happened to be Army Day. The Army reserves and ROTC were scrambling all over the mountain with compasses and charts getting a lesson in navigation. The fog also added a training obstacle for the fellows.

Wouldn’t you know, the rain started just before we reached the top, but everyone had some form of rain gear. We enjoyed picking out landmarks and new locations from our panoramic view of the summit. We took a little side jaunt to the twin power poles just north of Pisgah. There is the faint remains of an old logging road extending from these towers down the steep slope which leads to the middle of the Willamette. Young trees are growing right in the middle of this old road, but someday it will be fun to brush the way down this road to see where it goes.

The six non-Obsidians never dragged a foot and asked for more. We invited them to join the club. In the group were Ted Castell, Jan Guthrie, Joan Keigher, Marie Mulholland, Mary Jean Petersen, Trina Suire, Maureen Willison, Lucille Mitchell, and leader Bryant Mitchell.

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