Yachats to Waldport

October 12, 1983

Great day on the coast. We shuttled a car to Waldport and returned to the Adobe parking lot where we headed down to the rocks and tide pools lying just north. Low tide provided an excellent opportunity to scramble down to the barnacle-encrusted rocks near the water to inspect at close view the many pink and orange starfish feeding on the mussels that cling to the vertical surfaces there. More color provided by the bright green colonies of sea anemonies. Proceeding north on the sandy beach we hiked in sunshine until 1:00 p.m. admiring the lines of low flying pelicans, scurrying sandpipers, and ever-present seagulls. After our mid-point lunch stop at the beachside state park picnic area, the sun faded behind a thin cloud cover, but no rain fell (a record event as our past two hikes here had been wet from beginning to end). A few wet feet from wading across beach “creeks” were the only evidence to suggest that we’d been near the water when we climbed up the rocky bank at the parking lot at Waldport to pack ourselves into the shuttle car for the 8-mile ride back to the Adobe for redistribution for the trip back to Eugene. Hikers were John Cecil, Gladys Grancorvitz, Lee Hatch, Audry and Mac Howell, Meg Janecek-Wall, Joan Keigher, Alys Riley, and leader Dallas Cole.

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