Belknap Crater

October 8, 1983

From the Pacific Crest trailhead about half a mile west of Dee Wright Observatory, we hiked north climbing up the black lava flow from Little Belknap Crater. The day was partly cloudy, the trail rocky, the landscape bleak and magnificent with excellent views. Shortly after noon we passed Little Belknap Crater and came out onto an older area of volcanic ash with clusters of timberline Hemlock. There we had a leisurely first lunch and regrouped. At this point we left the Crest Trail and headed west toward Belknap Crater. Most of us went up a path on the south side of the crater, but a couple of hardier souls headed straight up. Before long we came out at the edge of the crater and scrambled up to the summit where we enjoyed the view and consumed another lunch. We had a fine run down the scree on the east of the crater and were soon back at the trail. This was a very nice trip. Hikers were Ted Castell, Barb Elsen, Judith Engle, Joan Keigher, Sally and Spike Grosscup, Fred Schepman, Bryant Mitchell, Ralph Nafziger, Kathy Perkins, Deborah Tooben, Mike Stark, Maureen Willison, and John Mowat, leader.

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