Rogue River Backpacking

October 7-10, 1983

Had an excellent companion on another good Rogue River backpacking trip. Mari Baldwin is my kind of backpacker. We parked the car at Foster Creek trailhead and headed for Marial. Tasty raspberries were still available along the way. Camped, at West, Mule Creek (Marial) and at Camp Tacoma (both ways).

It was cloudy quite a bit of the time, but the rain was at night. Saw a bear near Illahe, but none on the trail. Had the usual stop for refreshments at Paradise Lodge. Got lost for the first time. (Just east of the lodge I wandered off on a new trail that goes up about 350 ft. and overlooks the lodge. It was a good spot for lunch.) Most of the boats this time of year were for fishing. Mari enjoyed watching them go through the rapids at Blossom Bar and other places. Had good lunches at the restaurant in Powers. Hikers were Mari Baldwin and leader K.C. Kraft.

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