Coffin Mountain

October 2, 1983

Four intrepid hikers rendezvoused in Idanha and set out on the forest roads off Highway 22 toward the trailhead under leaden skies. We walked along a road past a washout until we reached the trailhead. The trail climbs through a thick forest past an old ‘cat’ road and into the Coffin Mt. burn of 1966 from where we could see much of the western Cascades. The trail continued upward in an open area to the summit where we found four Chemeketans eating lunch. The fire lookout was manned for the weekend and the lookout was keeping an eye on two slash burns to the southeast. Bachelor Mt. loomed in front of us, but the cloud layer prevented us from seeing more than the base of the Cascade Peaks. After a cool lunch and some drizzle, we headed down only to meet 9 more Chemeketans on the way up. Upon our return to the cars, the sun poked out for a few minutes and we were then homeward bound. Enjoying this delightful hike in an area not frequented by the Obsidians were John and Pete Cecil, Judith Engle, and leader Ralph Nafziger.

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