Upper McKenzie Trail

September 10, 1983

This was a select female trip of 6 members and 6 nonmembers. The one male who had signed up didn’t show, so we speculated whether he didn’t want to be the sole male, or whether he was superstitious of being number 13! The leader decided to reverse the normal direction usually taken on this trip, so we started at the EWEB houses and hiked up to Clear Lake.

The weather was ideal for hiking, overcast with an occasional mist, and since there were only females in the group, it became relaxed, with stops to identify flowers, lichens and trees. A few highlites included seeing a coyote that seemed reluctant to give up his trail to strangers, getting into a nest of ground nesting bees of some kind—very small—but with oversized stingers as two members found out, and the accumulation of a large bag of mushrooms by the leader.

A record was set at the end of the trail when all 12 hikers squeezed into the leader’s van (previous number of sardines was 11 ). “Sardines” included Genie Currier, Barbara Elsen, Virginia Horn, Miki Hutchison, Marion Hopkins, Margaret Kemp, Alys Riley, Martha Rockwell, Donna Steiner, Dorothy Turner, Val Thoenig & leader Elizabeth McMullin.

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