Olallie/Bear Flat/French Pete Loop

August 7, 1983

Our trip started under cloudy skies with a few cooling sprinkles. Enjoying mountain views on the way, we hiked to the Olallie Guard cabin — unoccupied — where our group of 10 stopped for lunch. Darlene and Andrea left us at that point, returning to their car and to the city because Darlene had to report for work at 3:45 p.m.

Afternoon was sunny and warmer. As we descended the long hills on Bear Flat Trail, with over six miles still to go, Alice’s knee started protesting. We had little to offer but aspirins, a makeshift support bandage, and moral support, and Alice continued, slowly and gamely. If you’ve ever had to walk down hill with a sore knee, you can appreciate the pain of each step.

We crossed several small creeks, including Olallie Creek and French Pete Creek, finally arriving at Pat Creek and the upper end of French Pete trail with only two miles to go back to our starting point.

High points of the trip were mountain views, cool streams, mid-summer flowers (lilies, bog flowers, numerous saprophytes and orchids), delicious huckleberries, and pleasant companions.

Providing that companionship were non-members Sheryl Gregor, Marjorie Kelm, Doug and JoAnn Palmer, Mike Shirk, Andrea and Darlene Thomasec, Alice and Leanne Wilcox, led by Velma Shirk.

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