Wolf Mtn. via Devil’s Garden

August 7, 1983

Bouncing the last 2 miles up the S.P. access road we were glad to get out and start walking up Shady Creek to Devil’s Garden. The day was overcast and somewhat oppressive, which may partially explain the superabundance of mosquitoes. On our first view of Diamond Peak from Wolf Meadow we were treated to the spontaneous “whoops” of Bob Foster, a performance repeated with the appearance of each new mountain as we climbed higher. By the time we reached windswept Wolf Mtn., the sun was out and the mosquitoes greatly diminished. With those amenities we enjoyed a leisurely lunch, admiring the panoramic views from our 6400' vantage. On our return we gingerly picked our way through Devil’s Garden to cool off briefly in Janet Lake. Mosquito “swipers” were Bob Foster, Moki Honz, Bonnie Ledford, Gladys Grancorvitz, Chris Nelson, Mary Nelson, Connie Speake, Inge Taranfolk, and leader Jerold Williams.

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