Black Crater

July 30, 1983

After a brief stop at the Dee Wright Observatory to view our destination, our small group of hikers started up the Black Crater trail, flower guides in hand, ears attuned to the high registers of bird song, and bodies tingling with the anticipation of an exhilarating hike to the top of the old volcano. Though the abrupt climb at the beginning reduced some of the tingle, and the snowfields on the upper slopes were, for some, ticklish traverses, we all arrived in good spirits and in good shape on the summit. After a leisurely lunch and some time spent identifying surrounding peaks and exploring, we were soon back at our cars. The tingle, now of satisfaction, renewed. Enjoying this stimulating walk up Black Crater were Bob Foster, Margaret Hadaway, Dave Horton, David Strother, Bob Nickel, Karen Houglum, & first-time leader George Jobanek.

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