Olallie Mountain (Lookout)

July 24, 1983

This was not one of those summer of ’83 trips starting from Eugene “under blue skies,” nor one where “blue skies greeted us by the time we reached Cougar reservoir” — etc., etc.! In fact — as lengthily and leisurely as we lingered at the top of Olallie Lookout for lunch — not a single break in the fog revealed the hoped for view recounted by seasoned Olallie hikers to the Olallie neophytes. However, all agreed we certainly arrived at our destination through a spectacular blaze of color—fiery oranges and reds of columbine and paintbrush never more brilliant — not to mention the deep, deep blue of the larkspur—to detail just a bit of the color splashed across the mountainside along the final ascent. All opted for the side trip to Olallie Meadows where we dallied once again — not yet wanting to break the spell of the woods with thoughts of return to civilization. Those enjoying the pleasures of the day were Peter Armetta, Bev Bond, Hal Busby, Sam Cohen (Madison, Connecticut!), Peter Johnson, Inge and Len Tarantola, Gail and Jerry Taulbee (Corvallis), Charlie Zimmerman, and members Gladys Grancorvitz, Doris and Merle Traudt, Karen Seidel, Bob and Ellen Tracy, Ethel Weltman, and leader Lindsay Pierce.

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