Opie Dildock Pass

July 23, 1983

When we met in the parking lot at 7:00 a.m. decided there were just enough to make a cozy carful for the drive up to the Scott Lake trail. We were on the trail by 9:30, keeping a brisk pace to leave the mosquitos behind. Once through the lava field at the base of Four-in-One cone we lost the trail because of the snow, but we knew the general direction and eventually came to the meadow where we joined the Pacific Crest trail. Then up the PCT to Minnie Scott Spring which was completely covered with snow. On to the lookout point by Opie Dildock Pass. From the lookout we could see Mt. Hood through the haze but close peaks showed up well. At the pass we sat and basked in the sun while nimble-footed Bob Foster scrambled to the top of Collier Cone. Descending from the pass the trail was alternately open and covered with snow. Once past Sawyer Bar the trail became more difficult to find, so we decided to take to the small gorge through which White Branch Creek runs. The Gorge was covered with snow so we walked on top of White Branch Creek in the middle of July! (At times the snow disappeared and we had to take to the bank.) On our trip down the gorge we came upon a waterfall that was feeding White Branch.

On the trail descending to Frog Camp we were surprised to hear thunder because there had been so few clouds around the Sisters. By the time we were on the highway walking back to the cars at Scott Trail parking lot, it was sprinkling and just as we were completing loading our gear, there was a cloudburst. We left the parking lot shortly after 6:00 p.m. and came straight back to Eugene. The weary but contented carful consisted of Elaine Barrar, Mary and Sue Girardeau, Richard Heinzkill (leader) and Peter Pomeroy, ex-Obsidian and now living in Washington, D.C.

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