Yapoah Crater via Pacific Crest Trail

July 16, 1983

It was useful to have two leaders, as so many hikers were attracted to this scenic safari that it was necessary to sign in as two groups in a Wilderness-designated outing. Had we known what the weatherman had in mind for late afternoon, our combined group might not have lingered over tailgate coffee at Lava Camp trailhead before starting south on the Pacific Crest Trail at 10:30 a.m. We were lucky though; the day turned sunny as we gained elevation, and though temperatures seemed a bit brisk for a hoped-for swim in one of the lakes, it was pleasant right up to the end of the hike. After South Matthieu Lake, there was enough unthawed snow lying between the lava ridges to make keeping to the trail an interesting challenge.

The panoramic view from Yapoah’s rim was interrupted only by a cloud cover over North Sister that refused to lift despite the pleadings of our trip photographer. However, the view was splendid overall and enjoyed by all who decided to make the scramble up the cinder cone—accomplished over a lengthy span of time, making for a luxuriously long lunch for speedy arrivals. Clouds began to move up from the south as we descended, and by the time we passed North Matthieu Lake the thunder rolled ominously close by. We reached our parked cars just minutes before a spectacular hailstorm blanketed the area with pea-sized pellets that fell to a depth of two inches in what seemed as many minutes as we pulled off the road just past Dee Wright Observatory.

Hikers to Yapoah were John Bredesen, Ruth Coffman, Shirley Froyd, Ron Golan, Moki Honz, Ron Leiman, Ruth and Wayne Lill, David Predeek, Carl and Eleanor Rodgers, Fred Schepman, Lois Schreiner, Carolyn Spector, Eleanor Wilkerson, and Dallas and John Cole, leaders.

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