Maxwell Butte

July 10, 1983

Six eager hikers were on the trail by 8:45 a.m. Soon thereafter, an osprey’s scolding beckoned us to look skyward where we spotted the nest atop a dead tree with the bird in it standing guard. More hiking in the thick cool forest along an abandoned jeep road that serves as the trail brought us to the Mt. Jefferson wilderness boundary whose sign had been chewed on by an unknown critter. At the trail junction, we went right, past twin lakes and out into more open terrain. Soon a few snow patches appeared and later the trail was covered. We turned left when the snow-covered trail went straight. We climbed steeply cross-country along a rocky ridge to a “false” summit where Mt. Washington and the Sisters were visible. Continuing a short distance further, we met the trail at its last switchback, and followed it to the summit where we had a leisurely lunch and where all the Oregon Cascades from Hood to Diamond Peak could be seen on this sunny day. A few puffy clouds added interest to the view. Climbers were spotted on Three-Fingered Jack. Reluctantly, we descended (this time on the trail) amid some flowers. We arrived at the cars at 3:45 p.m. The trail had some fallen trees on it, but they are now fewer, thanks to the efforts of Dave Predeek and Mike Wright. Enjoying this beautiful day and hike were John Cecil, Ruth Coffman, Betty Legris, Dave Predeek, Mike Wright, and leader, Ralph Nafziger.

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