Three Pyramids

July 2, 1983

The perfect occasion for hikers suffering from nearsightedness, farsightedness, night blindness, cataracts or glaucoma. If you’ve been wondering what the view was like from the top of Middle Pyramid, follow these simple instructions: Lie face down in a bathtub. Make that a white bathtub.

For more information, contact Helen Lynch, Ken Masterson, Lois Schreiner or Paula Vehrs. Leader Karen Houglum did not return with the party and is believed to be still sulking up on top. (Editor’s note: Karen did return with us. We had some interesting experiences—rain most of the day, wind and fog on top, a few snowfields to cross, hail as we departed the summit, much of trail was a running stream, had to ford a sizable stream twice both going and coming, and an accident—Helen Lynch fell and twisted her ankle badly (later found that she had actually broken her leg), but with all that the flowers were beautiful, the hillsides lush with freshly washed trees and meadows, and the companions excellent.)

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