Grasshopper Meadow & Mountain

June 26, 1983

The day was a good one . . . June 26, 1983, Sunday. The sun even appeared. Ten hikers arrived at the South Eugene parking lot for an eight mile plus walk to the top of Grasshopper Mountain. The route to the HiYu Pass or Lowell Pass—both names are appropriate—where the trail commences was Highway 58 to Westfir, thence on Road #19 and up on Road #1927. Except for the final six miles the roads are paved and the gravel road is easily driven by any vehicle. The view of the mountains, when the sun is out, is exceptional at the Pass, the meadow, and the mountain.

The four mile trail to Grasshopper Meadow is easily findable, but in need of maintenance. The multitudes of wild flowers along made the inadequacies of the trail less noticeable. But, it could really stand some leveling and clearing of several downed trees. Most threatening of all was a tree at about the half way point suspended upright mostly by whim. Walk gently around it unless prepared to jump out of the way when it goes. Towards up are some lovely meadows offering open views of the mountain range. There is not an obvious trail from Grasshopper Meadow to the top, at least this bunch didn’t find it in the overgrown brush. The distance is no more than ¼ mile so the scramble is manageable, especially considering the super view from the top. There were treasures to be found also. The metal remnants of a lookout abound with the predominant color being rust. Souvenir gatherers amongst us carried away small items or what they could carry. Voted best sport on the hike was Hans Tschersich’s mother, a visitor from Germany, walking her first Obsidian trek. Leader and follower were Vi Johnson and Mary Ellen West. Also Grasshoppering were Karen Meizenger, Lois Schreiner, Alex Tingley, Bob and Ellen Tracy, Anneliese Tschersich from Germany, and Hans and Philip Tschersich.

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