Iron Mountain

June 25, 1983

We started from Eugene in low clouds, ran out about Sweethome into sunshine which stayed with us until we got back to below Blue River. The trail was just damp enough to be without dust. The flower display was the best we remember seeing; both the white woods flowers and the many-colored alpine flowers up above were at their peak of bloom. The first of our 19 hikers reached the summit just in time to visit with a group of 19 Chemeketans who were about to start down. The air was so clear that as we ate lunch on top we could see all the Cascade peaks from Adams south to Diamond Peak; Jefferson, Washington and the Three Sisters were especially bright and close-looking. There was a substitute lookout; the young woman who has been there for several years is back in graduate school this year. We got back to the cars by 2:00 p.m.; several people had to leave early, but the rest of us took a slow route home, stopping at Fish Lake for more flowers and some strawberries, and again at Sahalie and Koosa Falls and a scenic pie shop. Flower-lookers were Myrna Brown, Ruth Coffman, Donna Goles, Gladys Grancorvitz, Garry Haller, Virginia Horn, Rose Hess, Jackie Kennedy, Helen Lynch, Suzanne Olson, Pat Ness, Sue Sluys, Andy and Marie-Ann Thompson, Val Thoenig, Eleanor Wilderson, Tom Woxell, and leaders Robin and Ken Lodewick.

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