Pine Bench

June 25-26, 1983

We picked up Emmy Dale in Cottage Grove and headed up the Row River around Dorena Dam to Sharp’s Creek, Canton Creek, and down to Steamboat on the North Umpqua. The sun came out right at about Culp Creek and was to stay with us for two glorious days.

We had plenty of time so took a short side trip to look at the falls and then drove on to Eagle Creek Camp Ground on the river for lunch. Although this was listed as a Pine Bench overnight, we actually camped at Twin Lakes and made a day hike in to Pine Bench on Sunday. The trail to the lakes is an easy 1½ miles but we added some extra mileage by exploring around the lakes and up the rock pinnacle at the southern edge. Wildflowers were in abundance and we had good views of Mt. Bailey, Thielsen and Diamond.

It looked like the fun was over, when upon returning to the cars after a rest stop, one of them refused to start. However, all turned out well after Bob came to the rescue wrench in hand, lifted the hood and recited some magic words and lo! it started.

Our last stop on the way home was Rice Hill for one of their super-duper ice cream cones. Too good to pass up on a hot day. Campers were Emmy Dale, Bob Devine, Bonnie Ledford, Dorothy Turner, and leader, Leona Devine.

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