Rainbow Falls

June 19, 1983

A wonderful trip to Rainbow Falls took place on Sunday, June 19th. Despite an overcast sky and occasional light rain it was a quality experience. On the trail into the spectacular view of Rainbow Falls and Separation Creek Canyon, the special treat of seeing the rare Phantom Orchid in bloom was shared by all. Our new member Dave Wagner, who is a professional botanist, shared his enthusiasm and knowledge of the plants of the area with us.

After snacking and. enjoying the view, Dorothy and Clarence Scherer, Allen, Susan and Molly Bateson, Vic Belforth and Gladys Grancorvitz returned by the same trail to their cars. Continuing on down the steep side of the Canyon to the base of the falls were Dave Wagner, Anne Montgomery, Ruth Coffman, Loretta Laws, and leader Ben Ross. After spending a short time wandering around enjoying the beauty of this area, the group worked its way up along the falls then scrambled up through the steep cliffs at the top, seeing along the way a fascinating assembledge of ferns and orchids as well as many other botanical treats.

After gaining the top, we explored the area around the top of the falls. Then, following an old deer trail, we proceeded along the rim of the canyon back to the road and from there to the cars. At Rainbow Falls were Allen, Susan and Molly Bateson, Vic Belforth, Ruth Coffman, Gladys Grancorvitz, Loretta Laws, Anne Montgomery, Dorothy and Clarence Scherer, Dave Wagner and leader Ben Ross.

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