French Pete Shuttle

June 19, 1983

A grey morning at the 19th and Patterson parking lot found five French Pete hikers extracting themselves from the Father’s Day bike trip and the Rainbow falls trip — eager to begin the day’s adventure. As we found ourselves such a small contingent — leader hastily scrapped plans to use two cars for the shuttle squeezing into one with the driver volunteering to leave us at the top of the French Pete trail and then dash by car the 45 minutes to the lower trailhead at French Pete Campground — whereupon said driver hiked 5½ miles to meet the downhillers half way for a 12:45 lunch break.

As we commenced, I observed the season seemed two to three weeks ahead of last year’s calendar — with a total absence of snow patches along the trail (made up in full by the challenge of crossing much fuller creeks and sloshing in more mud!) — and with ground covers consequently fully leafed out and often in flower! The weather? Drizzly — if not downright rainy a good portion of the time — but never noted for constancy, there were dashes of sun — especially through lunch as we perched along creek’s edge to eat and enjoy.

A trip two years in the execution — and at last both leader and Karen could exclaim over traveling the length of the French Pete Trail. The companionable group consisted of Harold Busby and new-comer, non-member Sheryl Gregor, as well as members Richard Heinzkill, Karen Seidel and leader Lindsay (Lin) Pierce.

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