Dome Rock

June 12, 1983

Eight Obsidians and one nonmember deserve summit certificates despite the fact this trip was a hike and not a climb! Dome Rock is located in the Hills Creek area, near the top of Staley Creek. Unable to reach the regular trailhead because of snowdrifts across the road, the leader opted to find the “old” trail on the suggestion of a helpful (??) Forest Service employee. After driving back down to the base of the rock, we were still unable to locate the trailhead. Finding a large rock slide leading to the base of the rock bluffs, it looked like a natural route UP . . . Vertical is more like it! After an interminable period of sliding, crawling, and praying, we reached a point 100 meters from the ridgeline and another steep chasm to cross. Calling enough, enough, we worked our way down to find another approach, no easy task in itself. Back at the road we indeed found the old trailhead, signed “abandoned”. Being slow readers we decided to give it a go; the trail lasted all of 50 yards, then it was back to cross-country and some near vertical uphill. Hours later Dome Rock was still a fair-piece off. Finally deciding the smart thing would be to wait for the snow to melt from the regular route, we descended undaunted and headed for ice cream and coffee in Oakridge. Despite the rigors of the hike/climb/scramble, everyone agreed the trip was different. The following “Dome Rock Pack Rats” were good sports and acted like mountain goats at all times: Mary Bridgeman, Mari Baldwin, John Cecil, Ruth Coffman, Anne Montgomery, Ralph Nafziger, Mike Wright, Henrietta Richmond, and Pete Cecil (head goat).

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