Alton Baker Park to Mahlon Sweet Airport

June 8, 1983

The three riders who turned out for the Mahlon Sweet Airport Luncheon bike ride were all in the “thousand plus miles” cycle touring class, so we zipped along at a brisk pace. Fifty minutes after departing Alton Baker Park we were scanning menus at the Flight Line Restaurant. Along the way we had stopped to look at the nearly completed Owosso Bridge that will eventually provide bikers and pedestrians with a Willamette River crossing downstream from Marist High School.

After lunch the group opted to extend the ride by heading for the Lorane Valley, then riding up and over Gimpl Hill Road to 18th Avenue, via Bailey Hill Road.

At ride’s end, Liz hurried home to continue packing for a bike ride to Escondido, California. Joyce felt pressed to get home to finish packing for a permanent move to the Puget Sound Area. Rose Marie and the leader likewise scurried for home base, but all that awaited us was a mess of mundane house chores.

The peppy-paced pedal pushers were Liz Igl, Rose Marie Moffitt, Joyce Sanders and leader Bob Devine.

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