Tire Mountain

June 8, 1983

Left Lowell in rather foggy conditions, drove up the North Shore Road to Road 5824, on the way left the fog and came into sunshine. Drove up 5824 to lower trailhead. Made a good hike to the top of the Mountain, a distance of 4½ miles. About a mile in called the party’s attention to the proposed “Tirepatch Unit #1, Clear-cut” by the, Lowell Ranger District.

Found many wildflowers blooming on top, also had smoke from some slash burning drift across, then a little fog, so left the top at 1:30 p.m. On our way up we observed some elk tracks along the trail as well as some trail bike tracks. But hiker tracks were made by Catherine Jones, Paula Vehrs, Margaret Weise and leader Helen Smith.

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