Tire Mountain Trail

June 1, 1983

A further exploration of threatened (by “Tirepatch”, a planned 1985 timber sale) TIRE MOUNTAIN TRAIL #3485 started on a clear, bright 1st of June, and promptly at the trailhead evolved into a wet, drizzly, gray day . . . Too wet to “walk the line” as planned for a close-up look at what this timber sale will do. We nevertheless got a good idea of the devastation that will result. In theory, the trail itself will be unaffected (!), but the resultant clear-cut on this very steep side slope will be visually horrendous. All who have hiked Tire Mountain Trail are again urged to protest the current version of “Tirepatch” to the Forest Service. Wednesday “trail viewers” were Dallas Cole, Helen Smith, Mary Bridgeman, and leader John Cecil.

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