Hardesty & June

May 29, 1983

Morning: Weather hot, intolerably humid; improved to pleasantly normal during afternoon. (Expected fireworks did not materialize as it should have judging from anvil heads developing over Sisters.)

I could tell by the pace at the inception of the first 1500 rise above the junction of the Eagle’s Rest Trail with Forest Service Road 511 that this was going to be a “jogathon.” Evaluating the weight of my six-pound middleweight climbing boots against the featherweight Nike trail shoes of my two runner companions, I wished I had selected something lighter and less comfortable for the dry terrain. (Trail is in good condition and clearly marked.) Well, full tilt to Hardesty by a little past 1100, through Rhodies which were just coming into bloom at 4000 feet and flowers on the open andesite slopes below Sawtooth, trying to make up for one month’s delay in this year’s belated spring/summer arrival. Cascades above 7000' still heavily clad in snow poked above the murky haze and smoke from early slash burning.

Hardesty to June 1230 to 1330. On final pitch: Jim Coons to TLJ (marathoner to ex-*marathoner)—“mind if I run ahead to stretch my legs”—. OK—but I was of opinion that pace was already blistering! Helene’s 5'2" frame and shorter legs brought her to the top 10 minutes later.

Weather miracle occurred in afternoon. Inversion air mass dissipated. Peaks stood out in pristine clarity with marine clouds driving into lowlands. Pleasant 80° with breeze. Left Mt. June 1500, arriving at car by 1600. Suggest Forest Service mark junction of Lost Creek Road with Road 511. Trail head is 12 miles from junction. Only thing to mark it now is a “painting” of Eagles Nest in school bus step shed.

Fast hikers were James Coons, Earl Wall and Helene and Tom Johnston, leader.

*Long time past tense!

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