Tire Mtn Trail

May 29, 1983

This was a “maverick” trip to look over a proposed clear cut on the Tire Mountain Trail. On May the 18th I hiked to the top of Tire Mountain from Road 5814 (the Carpet Hill Creek Rd) of the North Shore Road and, about a mile in, at the second stream crossing, I observed survey lines above the trail which indicated a clear cutting soon to be made. It was named the “Tirepatch Unit #1” and had several trees along the trail with orange rings around them. When I arrived back at the station I asked about these marked trees and found out they were to be left as wildlife trees.

The six of us went in on this trip to follow the survey lines and look this proposed unit over. It is a large one, at least sixty acres, and is scheduled for 1985. The trail is the lower boundary line of the unit which will be a clear cut to the top of the ridge (Cloverpatch Butte), and will cut over the stream course. This is a steep-sided ravine, which has been bridged. It is 4½ miles to the top of Tire Mtn by this trail with numerous switchbacks and stream crossings. It is wooded all the way and has several good camping places. The visual impact of this clear cut would be quite a shock to the hiker. Any hiker who has been on this trail can think about this activity and express his/her thoughts to the Forest Service.

Maverick hikers were Ruth Blattler, Emmy Dale, Judy Forell, Ben Ross, Dave Stone and leader Helen Smith.

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