Upper McKenzie River Trail

May 28, 1983

This group started out early in the morning blissfully ignorant of the fact it was going to be the hottest day of the season. This upper end of the trail from just below Fish Lake down around Clear Lake was new to all of us and was very beautiful. Amongst all the boats and fishermen on the lake, we watched an osprey soaring and diving for fish. The falls were very large and beautiful with all the extra water in the river at this time of year.

The heat and high humidity began to take its toll on the water supply the hikers had brought, especially after the lunch stop, and as we got into the area where the river disappears in the lava. Once we got below the blue pool and could find a place to get down to the water, it was a relief. One hot hiker sitting next to me on a rock pulled off her T-shirt, soaked it in the cold water, then put it right back on. By the time she got her feet cooled off, her shirt was dry, so she repeated the process! A couple of cases of near heat prostration occurred, but all managed to make it out to Eugene Water Board road under their own power.

All went well until the drivers went up to pick up their cars—except for the leader, who had acquired a vapor lock in her car. By repeated stalls and starts and finally shifting her passengers to the other cars, and being pushed to a service station which was about to close, a call was put in for a tow cars. Before it arrived, the car finally started and came on into Eugene on its own, so the driver was only stuck with an $18.50 bill for a service calls!

Hot hikers were Harold Busby, Gladys Grancorvitz, Ruth Coffman, Jan Crisp, Karen Houglum, Lindsay Pierce, Evelyn Schmitt, Fred Schepman, Karen Seidel, Merle and Doris Traudt, Paula Vehrs, Ethel Weltman, and leader Elizabeth McMullin.

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