John Day River Float Trip

May 20-22, 1983

The Second Annual John Day Float and/or Swim Trip turned out to be a float this year. It was particularly interesting for Gene as this was the first time he had seen the area above water. The water level was about the same as last year, but with rafts we had fewer problems. Tom and Chris had a raft that didn’t want to stay inflated, but they made out just fine. The weather could not have been better. We had clear skies, the sun was not too hot, and we had a beautiful moon at night. All this and good company! What more could you ask? As we floated past the Bhagwan’s Ranch we found that all his followers do not work 12 hours a day 7 days a week as we had been told. We found a couple bathing in the nude, while all the others were toiling in the fields. The single towel that they both tried to cover themselves with was, of course, red in color. We almost lost one of our party who wanted to join their group on the spot. The following made this a great trip: Margaret Crosland, Richard Crosland, Tom Donnelly, Linda Gradert, Elsie and Lee Hatch, Betty Legris, Jon Levy, Chris Shuraleff, Gene Thaxton, Joe Lowry and leader Bob Dark.

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