Mary’s Peak

May 7, 1983

First off, it was RAINING!!!! And then all entrances to the parking lot were blocked off, therefore we all met under the trees across the street along with two other Obsidian groups assembling. It rained at various densities throughout the morning. But we trudged up the trail through Douglas fir forest amid spring flowers—bleeding heart, miner’s lettuce, yellow violets—on the lower slope, also the fresh green leaves of vine maple were emerging. As we gained elevation the spring flowers disappeared until near the top where Spring Queen was in evidence, and the vine maple was just beginning to show tips of green.

A bit over an hour up the trail we began having SNOW showers, and as we approached the upper road there was snow on the trees, and about six inches of snow in the open spaces. It was snowing all this time, the wind was blowing, and we were having a regular blizzard. We opted not to go on to the summit, and to only have a short snack rather than lunch in these inclement conditions. If it wasn’t snowing or raining it was dripping off the trees so everyone got quite wet and cold. However, as we returned to the cars the sun did peak through the trees from time to time. On the way back we were essentially in two groups—the fast ones way ahead and the slower group behind and they did stop for lunch along the way.

Hikers on this Spring, but more like winter day were Barb Elsen, Bob Foster, KC Kraft, Doug Long, Herb and Lelia Lee and leader Lois Schreiner.

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