Cerro Gordo

April 30, 1983

The group was escorted from the parking lot in Eugene by Lois Schreiner to the parking lot of El Gordo’s in Cottage Grove where it was met by the leader, Shirley Froyd. From there we went to the log home of Shirley, where the group learned a bit about the house and Cerro Gordo Community. Stepping out the door we began the hike which took us through woods, on a gravel road, up hill on a trail and old logging road to an orchard dating from the early 1900s (where we ate lunch on an old log). Coming down we stopped at an old homestead and visited a graveyard under a giant fir. Farther down we had a grand view from a meadow of Dorena Lake, the mountains and elegant clouds. Arriving back at the house with wet feet (everywhere is pretty squishy this time of year) we talked with a neighbor and had apple cider. At Cerro Gordo were Laurie and Milly Goolsby, Volney and Marjorie Kelm, Mary Jean and Mary Ann Peterson, Alys Riley, Lois Schreiner, Brenda Shea, Paula Vehrs, Mary Vogel and leader Shirley Froyd.

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