Tamolitch Falls

April 30, 1983

The Tamolitch Falls trip attracted a small, congenial group composed of an interesting combination of “regulars” and newcomers. Although the skies often looked threatening, we had a pleasant hike with no actual precipitation until during the car ride home. I have been to Tamolitch Falls previously and find it interesting to see the area at different times of the year. On this occasion we were treated to spring wild flowers and identified those that we encountered along the trail after beginning our hike at the trailhead on Road #2672655. This delightful trail first travels through a moist area along the McKenzie River with huge old trees and several clear little side streams. The second half goes through the drier climate created by a more recent lava flow where the trees are more sparse and lichens, mosses and rock plants find homes in the rocks. Song sparrows, water ouzels, and chestnut-backed chickadees were sighted along the river with a pair of ouzels having a nest in the basalt directly above the pool at Tamolitch. We had lunch at the pool with most of the group staying at the viewpoint above it while a couple of us circumvented the north end of the pool and went down to the water’s edge for our lunch spot. All marveled at the lovely, deep blue water. Frankly, I think the area is enchanted, and I always expect to see strange, little faces peering at me from behind the trees and rocks! After returning to the cars, one car returned directly to Eugene while the other car, containing those of us who had more time, made a short, interesting side trip to Sahalie and Koosah Falls. Participants in this day’s jaunt were Mary Bridgeman, Ira Brown, Karen Houglum, Ruth Romoser, Fred Schepman, Evelyn Schmitt, and leader Anne Montgomery.

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