Mt. Pisgah

April 16, 1983

Our group of eight hikers started out from the South Eugene parking lot on a (believe it or not) sunny, warm morning. The leaders had left a rig at the east side Pisgah trailhead. (To get there, drive out Hwy 58 to Pleasant Hill, turn left on Ridgeway Road and drive north for about 2 miles.)

The hikers drove to Buford Park which is on the west side of Mt. Pisgah. We took a short tour to see some of the new trailwork in the park. It didn’t take us long to figure out this would have to be another trip. There are new trails all over Buford Park.

We left the park and started up the trail of Mt. Pisgah and arrived at the top about 10:30 a.m. with such exclamations as “What a beautiful place. I didn’t realize it was here”; “This is where I spent many happy hours of my boyhood climbing all over this mountain. Our family farm was right over there in the bend in the river”; to “Lets eat lunch.”

So at 11:30 having finished lunch, spotting mountain peaks, and just plain enjoying the company and the break, we started down the east side trail. The hikers arrived at the Eimstad red, six-pack pick-up at about 12:30 p.m.

What a perfect half-day trip to take any day! Thank you hikers for making my day special!—H.L. Dilly, Bill Eimstad, Dorothy Hayes, Evelyn Schmitt, Dorothy Turner, Dawna Ware, Ernestine Young and leader Donna Eimstad.

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