Coast Hike

April 10, 1983

Under leaden, snow-filled skies, sunday’s trip leader made a wise, popular, 100%-correct decision and re-directed five-person signup away from scheduled Gold Point Trail and westwards to the Oregon coast. So starting at the (new?) Dunes Overlook below Florence and striding south, fun in the sun, a hailstone storm, a search for artifacts (Mari got herself a BIG bag of flotsam!), a companionable lunch out of the wind, all happened before hiking (wind-aided) back north on the foreshore and crossing the Deflation Plain (by way of several new bridges) to the Overlook. A neat day away (unexpectedly!) from the snow. Dunes strollers were Mari Baldwin, Dan Bates, John Cecil, Betty Legris and Don Payne, leader.

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