McKenzie River Trail

April 9, 1983

Doris Traudt and I had an adventure that I would guess no one else in the Obsidians has had. She and I rode with Mary Christoferson in the last car, which broke down as we entered Walterville. To make a long story short, we decided to hitchhike to meet the rest of the group after Mary got situated at a service station. We decided to go only with skiers, figuring they would be going through and would be safe. But none stopped.

Pretty soon, a bus load of young people, dressed in ridiculous costumes, stopped and invited us to joint them. One introduced us to the Dorsey driver, saying he was the only responsible party on the bus. As the bus lumbered along with us sitting behind the driver trying to spot Merle (Doris’s husband) or anyone who might be trying to find us (we couldn’t remember what any of the other cars looked like), we finally decided to join the kids who were so cordially inviting us to be a part of their fun. They turned out to be mostly Norwegian students from the U of 0 on a ski trip to Hoodoo in costume — a Norwegian Festival custom. The costumes and raucous joviality were reminiscent of the movie “Animal House”, though these kids were most polite (any foul language there might have been was in another language). In addition to modern recorded rock music, we were treated to the young people singing the Norwegian National Anthem and the Norwegian version of “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.”

During each of the three pit stops they made in 20 miles we looked for Merle, and we spotted him and the Tracy’s looking for us at the same time they spotted us looking for them. We left our new friends with mixed emotions glad to be found and to be able to do what we had set out to do that day, but sorry not to be able to get to know these fine, fun kids better. (we would have loved to see them on the Hoodoo slopes in their wild garb.)

The other two carloads of hikers had set up their own car shuttle and started their hike. We started at the lower end and met them halfway, then walked back with them. They had fun, we had fun — I guess this proves “All’s well that ends well.” All Obsidians would be proud of Doris’s and my deportment and restraint under these unusual circumstances.

McKenzie Trail hikers were Mary Christoferson, Loretta Mason, Elizabeth McMillin, Carl and Eleanor Rogers, Nancy and Robert Rossner, Fred Schepman, Bob and Ellen Tracy, Doris and Merle Traudt, and leader Joella Ewing.

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