Mt. Pisgah

April 9, 1983

A cold spring rain met us as we headed south on the bouncy sawdust trail from Buford Park. This trail soon ended at the park boundary where we climbed over the convenient stile in our individual styles and crossed under the overhead power lines from Bonneville. For the first mile, we slogged, hopped and slipped along the old river road until we arrived at the base of an abandoned rock quarry. The millions of pounds of black rock from this basalt cliff furnished the rock which holds the Coast Fork of the Willamette River within bounds as it swirls around Mt. Pisgah on its way to the confluence with the Middle Fork.

At the old oak road sign, we gladly left the sloppy meadow shared with the cows, and picked up a game trail which lead us through the timber up into the sunshine at an old ranch pasture. From here on, the sun baked us out of rain gear. Every step was up as we headed for the powerline on the east side of the mountain. The ladies of our party gave us fellows good excuses to rest our muddy feet as they examined the spring lilies along the trail.

Everything went well until we were within ½ mile of the top. A mean looking dark cloud driven by a cold wind laced with rain hit us out in the open. We dashed for cover under the row branches of an old Spruce tree. It was lunch time and bundle up time. With backs to the wind-driven hail and some ponchos flying like loose sails, we swallowed our lunch and endured the brief storm. A cold wind from the southwest met us at the top of Pisgah and cleared the sky. The view was great. Sunshine and fun conversation on the short trip down the west side brought our good day to an end at mid-afternoon.

We enjoyed hearing the military experiences of personnel in our group which included an army Air Force major from WWII, a G.I. foot soldier caught in the Battle of the Bulge and imprisoned in Germany, and a Navy wife whose husband was in the classified operations of nuclear activity at Sandia Air Base. Group members were Betty Kjeldgaard, Robert and Pat Shaw, Frank and Ruth Sumick, Paula Vehrs, and leader Bryant Mitchell.

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