Mt. Pisgah

March 26, 1983

For the Mt. Pisgah trip we had a small group which gave us lots of flexibility and no need of a rear guard. The three of us hiked up the east side trail as planned and we all hiked about the same speed. We reached the trail junction sooner than we expected and since our energy level was high and our time was ample we went on to the lower peak to the west first. Then we backtracked to the main summit for our lunch. Luckily we had good weather except for a cold blast of wind now and then. But rain was threatening so after a quick look around we headed back to the car.

We had a good walk, a leisurely lunch and were back to the parking lot by 1:30 p.m. Lots of fun if you like that sort of thing. And we did! Hikers were Carol Cunningham, Jean Lindsey and leader Lois Morse.

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