Merchant’s Beach, Wiskey Run

March 5, 1983

All you good people that did not go because it was raining in Eugene, read no further, you do not deserve to find out what nice things happened. The drive down was wet, all the way to just beyond Charleston. Then the rain thinned to occasional showers; we even had warm sun for lunch. It could not all be right: the wind blew about 30 MPH. We investigated Merchant’s Beach north of the parking lot in the morning, but the creek was too deep to ford with only hiking boots so we did not go south. Instead we drove down to Whiskey Run, a few miles south, and tried the beach there. We found lots of assorted jasper and jade on Merchant’s Beach and no logs. Whiskey Run looked like summer with no rocks and way above normal amounts of logs. Our guest from Switzerland, Evi, especially liked the flowering blood current, skunk cabbage and gorse, that made all the beach hills yellow. Coming back, weather was pretty decent until we hit Florence, then it rained hard. We stopped at the Gingerbread House for dinner, coming home the rest of the way in rain.

Beachcombers were Evi Jucker, Del Just, Rachel Major, Harlo Perrin, Fred Schepman, Lots Schreiner, Greg Wannier and leaders Ken and Robin Lodewick.

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