Coburg Hills-Old Baldy

February 19, 1983

As usual, Old Baldy’s homely slopes had a little surface dampness; the rivulets were running noisily full, and cow splatters abounded (as predicted on the sign-up). The cold wind we found blowing atop Old Baldy cut our visit there rather short. Hastily dropping down Black Canyon Road (then skirting a new, rather messy logging show) and on up steep Lockard Road, we lunched, rested and generally lazed on the mossy rocks overlooking Hayden Bridge and all points southeast. Circling overhead meanwhile were several Buteo jamaicensis and a Haliaeetus leucocthalus. One final plunge downwards returned us precisely to the cars, and completed this rather unusual 6½-mile circumambulation of Eugene’s 1,990 ft “guardian peak”. In the Coburg Hills were Elliot and Priscilla Aronin, Judy Forell, Shirley Froyd, George Jobanek, Betty Legris, Nancy Loya, Maxine Rowan, Denise Simond, and leader John Cecil.

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