Mt. Pisgah & Buford Park

February 12, 1983

With record breaking sunshine one day before the hike, we all looked forward to making our way around old favorite, Mt. Pisgah, at river level before we started the climb from the east side. But old man weather gave us an inch of rain before daybreak. The leader expected everyone to cancel out, but nine non-Obsidians decided to follow their leader come mud and high water.

We assembled at Buford Park in the rain under heavy clouds. White water was cascading in dozens of rivulets down the stony flanks of Mt. Pisgah. After seeing that the lower road to the south was under water in several places, the group voted to take a warm-up tour over the new trails at the Arboretum and then climb up to the top via the west side gravel road.

It was lots of fun! The sun came out as we neared the top. None of the group had ever climbed Mt. Pisgah. We picked out our homes below, and familiar landmarks, and noted the flood waters where we had planned to go. All were happy as we had lunch in a small grove of trees out of the cold. The two children who were with us kept the moms and dads on their toes. All in the group are good candidates for the Obsidians: Kim Gibbs, Marion Potter, Don, Charlotte and Philip Nordling, Robert and Nancy Rossner, Ruth and Frank Sumich, and leader Bryant Mitchell.

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